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Our cleaning services are tailored to extend the life of your favourite sneakers, helping them maintain their pristine condition. Whether you have scuffed heels, dirty soles, or faded logos, We will bring them back to shine like new. 

Our Packages



Light Clean

This Light Clean service focuses on maintaining and rejuvenating the existing condition of your sneakers. It includes basic cleaning  removing dirt, light stains, and visible marks from upper, midsole and laces.






From 30 CHF



Deep Clean

Our Deep Clean service provides a thorough cleaning of both the exterior and interior of your sneakers. This includes deep cleaning and stain removal of upper, midsole, outsole, tongue, edges, interior and laces. We will also deodorize your sneakers plus remove and reinsert the laces for cleaning.

From 40 CHF



Clean and Restore

The Clean and Restore service is the ultimate care for your sneakers. We will meticulously clean, restore and remove stains from each part of your sneakers, including the uppers, midsole, outsole, tongue, edges, interior. We will also deodorize, waterproof and disinfect your sneakers plus replace the laces.




From 60 CHF

Premium brand shoes are an additional 10 CHF

“These guys are amazing! Olu took care of my much-loved three year old Veja sneakers and brought them back to life way beyond what I th3 inner fabric was starting to disintegrate but now they look good as new! So reasonably priced, super friendly service, and talk about making the most sustainable choice possible. Cannot recommend Sole Savaz enough!"

Regardless of the service you choose, we prioritise customer satisfaction and deliver exceptional results. With our expertise and attention to detail, your sneakers will be back on their feet looking and smelling their best.

You can find our nearest drop-off points below, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at

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